Creating a Kubernetes Cluster on Google Cloud

First of all you need to create a google account, then sign in to Google Cloud Platform Console (

Creating a Project

Create a new project and write down the project ID.

Enable billing in the Developers Console in order to use Google Cloud resources.

New users of Google Cloud Platform receive a $300 free trial. Running through this example shouldn’t cost you more than a few dollars of that trial. Google Container Engine pricing is documented here.

Installing Docker, Google Cloud SDK and Kubectl

Install Docker, and Google Cloud SDK. Finally, after Google Cloud SDK installs, run the following command to install kubectl:

gcloud components install kubectl

Creating a cluster

Go to the developers console. On the left hand side menu select Container Engine.

Click on New Container Cluster. Set the name to seldon-server-cluster. Select a cluster size of 1 and a Machine type 4 vCPU with 15GB of memory (this is purely for testing but you can use the size of cluster that fits your needs).

Configure kubectl to use the cluster you just created by running:

gcloud container clusters get-credentials seldon-server-cluster

Installing Seldon on your Cluster

At this point the process is identical to the regular seldon installation. kubectl is now linked to your cluster on google cloud so all commands can be used as usual.

External ingress for Seldon API

To utilize https with either a static or ephemeral IP address you can use the server.ingress.json or server-ingress-static.json kubernetes configurations.

You will need to ensure the Seldon server is exposed as a NodePort. To do this ensure SELDON_SERVER_SERVICE_TYPE in the kubernetes/conf/Makefile is set to NodePort.

You will need to set your tls certifcate chain and private key in a kubernetes secret called seldon-server-secret. Example gcloud commands for this are shown below:

kubectl create secret generic seldon-server-secret --from-file=tls.key=tls.key --from-file=tls.crt=tls.crt

See the Google container engine docs for more information.

Deleting a cluster

Delete the cluster you created with the following command:

gcloud container clusters delete seldon-server-cluster