Source code for alibi_detect.utils.warnings

This module defines custom warnings and exceptions used across the Alibi Detect library.
import functools
import warnings
from typing import Dict, Any, Callable

[docs]def deprecated_alias(**aliases: str) -> Callable: """ Function decorator to warn about deprecated kwargs (and replace them). """ def deco(f): @functools.wraps(f) def wrapper(*args, **kwargs): _rename_kwargs(f.__name__, kwargs, aliases) return f(*args, **kwargs) return wrapper return deco
def _rename_kwargs(func_name: str, kwargs: Dict[str, Any], aliases: Dict[str, str]): """ Private function to rename deprecated kwarg to new name, and raise DeprecationWarning. """ for alias, new in aliases.items(): if alias in kwargs: if new in kwargs: raise ValueError(f"{func_name} received both the deprecated kwarg `{alias}` " f"and it's replacement `{new}`.") warnings.warn(f'`{alias}` is deprecated; use `{new}`.', UserWarning, stacklevel=3) kwargs[new] = kwargs.pop(alias)