Alibi aims to be the go-to library for ML model interpretability and monitoring. There are multiple challenges for developing a high-quality, production-ready library that achieves this. In addition to having high quality reference implementations of the most promising algorithms, we need extensive documentation and case studies comparing the different interpretability methods and their respective pros and cons. A clean and a usable API is also a priority. Additionally we want to move beyond model explanation and provide tools to gauge ML model confidence, measure concept drift, detect outliers and algorithmic bias among other things.

Additional explanation methods

Important enhancements to explanation methods

  • Robust handling of categorical variables (Github issue)

  • Document pitfalls of popular methods like LIME and PDP (Github issue)

  • Unified API (Github issue)

  • Standardized return types for explanations

  • Explanations for regression models (Github issue)

  • Explanations for sequential data

  • Develop methods for highly correlated features

Beyond explanations

  • Investigate alternatives to Trust Scores for gauging the confidence of black-box models

  • Concept drift - provide methods for monitoring and alerting to changes in the incoming data distribution and the conditional distribution of the predictions

  • Bias detection methods

  • Outlier detection methods (Github issue)