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Install MinIO in cluster

Helm install minio

[ ]:
kubectl create ns minio-system
helm repo add minio
helm install minio minio/minio \
    --set accessKey=minioadmin \
    --set secretKey=minioadmin \
    --namespace minio-system
[ ]:
!kubectl rollout status deployment -n minio-system minio

port-forward Minio to localhost

in separate terminal:

kubectl port-forward -n minio-system svc/minio 8090:9000

or follow instructions printed by helm

Install MinIO CLI client tool

Install minio using go get:

[ ]:
GO111MODULE=on go get

Or follow steps relevant to your platform from official documentation.

Configure mc client to talk to your cluster

[ ]:
mc config host add minio-seldon http://localhost:8090 minioadmin minioadmin