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PVC with TFJob MNIST Example

In this example we will deploy a tensorflow MNIST model. The model will be created using a TFJob and stored in a PVC.

This example requires TFJob. The example is based on a Kubeflow example and is tailored for Seldon.

First install the TFJob custom resource or all of Kubeflow, together with Seldon. Follow your chosen Kubeflow installation as these currently all include Seldon. You’ll also need to be able to provision volumes on your cluster.

Then follow the below steps to create a PVC, create a model on the pvc using TFJob and create a SeldonDeployment for the model.

[ ]:
kubectl apply -f pvc.yaml
[ ]:
kubectl apply -f tfjob.yaml
[ ]:
kubectl apply -f sdep-pvc.yaml