Ksonnet Prototypes

Seldon Ksonnet


There are a selection of prototypes you can use to create your initial deployments

  • A single model to serve.
    • ks generate seldon-serve-simple-<seldonVersion> mymodel --image <image>
      • Example: ks generate seldon-serve-simple-v1alpha2 mymodel --image seldonio/mock_classifier:1.0
  • An A-B test between two models.
    • ks generate seldon-abtest-<seldonVersion> myabtest --imageA <imageA> --imageB <imageB>
      • Example: ks generate seldon-abtest-v1alpha2 myabtest --imageA seldonio/mock_classifier:1.0 --imageB seldonio/mock_classifier:1.0
  • A multi-armed bandit between two models. Allowing you to dynamically push traffic to the best model in real time. For more details see an e-greedy algorithm example.
    • ks generate seldon-mab-<seldonVersion> mymab --imageA <imageA> --imageB <imageB>
      • Example: ks generate seldon-mab-v1alpha2 mymab --imageA seldonio/mock_classifier:1.0 --imageB seldonio/mock_classifier:1.0
  • An outlier detector for a single model. See more details on the default Mahalanobis outlier detection algorithm.
    • ks generate seldon-outlier-detector-<seldonVersion> myout --image <image>
      • Example: ks generate seldon-outlier-detector-v1alpha2 myout --image seldonio/mock_classifier:1.0