Open API

Open API V3 for Seldon Core API

We provide initial OpenAPI 3.0 specifications for our APIs

You will find the API Specs at runtime at the /seldon.json path of your API endpoint.

You will need to be running 0.2.4-SNAPSHOT or later for this endpoint to be active.

Viewing/Testing via Swagger UI

You can view the APIs using the Swagger UI tool.

You can run this via Docker, from the ``seldon-core/openapi` directory <>`__, with:

docker run -p 8080:8080 --rm -e URL=/custom.yaml -v ./wrapper.oas3.json:/usr/share/nginx/html/custom.yaml swaggerapi/swagger-ui

It will be reachable at http://localhost:8080/

Open one of the two API specificatons referenced above.


For using the Swagger “try it out” feature there are some caveats due to Swagger UI bugs:

  • For the Seldon Core External via Ambassador

    • You will need to use a hardwired host, localhost:8002 is provided for Authorization as currently the Swagger UI can’t handle variables in Authorization calls.

    • You will need to use the browser network console to get the bearer token from the returned json as this is not displayed by the Swagger UI.

  • For the Seldon Internal API

    • in GET calls you can’t edit the JSON string passed.

Contributions and Roadmap

We welcome contributions to improving these initial API specifications.

We plan to investigate how these APIs can be customized to show the acceptable payloads for a particular machine learning inference graph running under Seldon Core. Suggestions welcome.