Tempo Server

Tempo is a MLOps python SDK that allows packaging custom python servers and orchestration of multiple models from python. The Tempo python SDK allows packaging of the custom code as a conda-pack environment tar ball and Cloudpickle artifacts. It has a Seldon Core runtime which allows Tempo artifacts to be run under Seldon Core.

For more details see the Tempo documentation.

An example Tempo model yaml for Seldon Core is shown below:

apiVersion: machinelearning.seldon.io/v1
kind: SeldonDeployment
    seldon.io/tempo-description: ''
    seldon.io/tempo-model: '{"model_details": {"name": "numpyro-divorce", "local_folder":
      "/home/clive/work/mlops/fork-tempo/docs/examples/custom-model/artifacts", "uri":
      "s3://tempo/divorce", "platform": "custom", "inputs": {"args": [{"ty": "numpy.ndarray",
      "name": "marriage"}, {"ty": "numpy.ndarray", "name": "age"}]}, "outputs": {"args":
      [{"ty": "numpy.ndarray", "name": null}]}, "description": ""}, "protocol": "tempo.kfserving.protocol.KFServingV2Protocol",
      "runtime_options": {"runtime": "tempo.seldon.SeldonKubernetesRuntime", "docker_options":
      {"defaultRuntime": "tempo.seldon.SeldonDockerRuntime"}, "k8s_options": {"replicas":
      1, "minReplicas": null, "maxReplicas": null, "authSecretName": "minio-secret",
      "serviceAccountName": null, "defaultRuntime": "tempo.seldon.SeldonKubernetesRuntime",
      "namespace": "production"}, "ingress_options": {"ingress": "tempo.ingress.istio.IstioIngress",
      "ssl": false, "verify_ssl": true}}}'
    seldon.io/tempo: 'true'
  name: numpyro-divorce
  namespace: production
  - graph:
      envSecretRefName: minio-secret
      implementation: TEMPO_SERVER
      modelUri: s3://tempo/divorce
      name: numpyro-divorce
      serviceAccountName: tempo-pipeline
      type: MODEL
    name: default
    replicas: 1
  protocol: kfserving