Seldon Core Roadmap

The high level roadmap for Seldon Core. Feedback and additions very welcome.

Core (required for 1.0)

  • SeldonDeployment K8S CRD stability
  • API stability
    • External API (predict, feedback endpoints)
    • Internal microservice API (predict, transform, route etc.)
  • Wrapper stability for core wrappers
    • Python reference wrapper
  • Metrics and logging stability
  • Benchmarks for ongoing optimisation

Reference Examples (desired for 1.0)

  • ML Examples for various toolkits
  • Core components
    • Outlier Detection
    • Concept drift
    • Model Explanation
  • E2E pipeline examples
    • Kubeflow/Kubeflow Pipelines
  • CI/CD
  • Deployment
    • Rolling, Canary, Red-Green

Developer (required for 1.0)

  • Unit Test Coverage
  • E2E tests
  • CI pipelines (Prow)
  • Automated release process
    • Core, Python PyPI, AWS Marketplace, Google Marketplace, Kubeflow, helm charts, ksonnet
  • New Documentation site

Specific Functionality

Please provide feedback and additions for helping us decide priorities.

  • Autoscaling
  • Kubeflow Pipelines integration
  • No service orchestrator for single model deployments
  • Wider range of image build integrations: e.g., Kaniko, img, GCB
  • NVIDIA Rapids, Dali integration
  • Julia, C++ wrappers
  • Shadow deployments
  • Edge deployments
  • Use of Apache Arrow for zero-copy, zero bandwidth RPC
  • Further Istio integration
  • Nginx-ingress
  • Openshift integration
  • Serverless/KNative