Helm Chart Configuration

The core choice in using the helm chart is to decide if you want to use Ambassador or the internal API OAuth gateway for ingress.

Seldon Core Chart Configuration

Seldon Core API OAuth Gateway (apife)

Parameter Description Default
apife.enabled Whether to enable the default Oauth API gateway true
apife.image.name The image to use for the API gateway <latest release image>
apife.image.pull_policy The pull policy for apife image IfNotPresent
apife.service_type The expose service type, e.g. NodePort, LoadBalancer NodePort
apife.annotations Configuration annotations empty

Seldon Core Operator (ClusterManager)

Parameter Description Default
cluster_manager.image.name Image to use for Operator <latest release image>
cluster_manager.image.pull_policy Pull policy for image IfNotPresent
cluster_manager.java_opts Extra Java Opts to pass to app empty
cluster_manager.spring_opts Spring specific opts to pass to app empty

Service Orchestrator (engine)

Parameter Description Default
engine.image.name Image to use for service orchestrator <latest release image>

Ambassador Reverse Proxy

Parameter Description Default
ambassador.enabled Whether to enable the ambbassador reverse proxy false
ambassador.annotations Configuration for Ambassador default
ambassador.image.repository Image name to use for ambassador <tested release with seldon>
ambassador.image.tag Image tag to use for ambassador <tested release with seldon>
ambassador.service.type How to expose the ambassador service, e.g. NodePort, LoadBalancer NodePort

For more see https://github.com/helm/charts/tree/master/stable/ambassador

General Role Based Access Control Settings

These settings should generally be left untouched from their defaults. Use of non-rbac clusters will not be supported in the future. Most of these settings are used by the Google marketplace one click installation for Seldon Core as in this setting Google will create the service account and role bindings.

Parameter Description Default
rbac.enabed Whether to enabled RBAC true
rbac.rolebinding.create Whether to include role binding k8s settings true
rbac.service_account.create Whether to create the service account to use true
rbac.service_account.name The name of the service account to use seldon


Redis is used by Seldon Core for :

  • Holding OAuth tokens for the API gateway
  • Saving state of some components
Parameter Description Default
redis.image.name Image to use for Redis <latest tested with seldon>