Helm Chart Configuration

Seldon Core Operator Chart Configuration

Parameter Description Default
ambassador.enabled Whether to add Ambassador configuration to created services true
ambassador.singleNamespace Allow creation of Ambassador paths that don’t include namespace false
engine.grpc.port gRPC port 5001
engine.image.name Image to use for service orchestrator <latest release image>
engine.image.tag Tag for service orchestrator <latest release image>
engine.image.pullPolicy Pull policy for service orchestrator IfNotPresent
engine.port HTTP port 8000
engine.prometheus.path Path to expose Prometheus metrics /prometheus
engine.serviceAccount.name Name of service account to use default
engine.user User ID to run the app 8888
image.repository Operator image repo seldonio/seldon-core-operator
image.tag Image repo Operator <latest release version>
image.pullPolicy Operator pull policy IfNotPresent
rbac.enabled Whether to enabled RBAC true
usageMetrics.enabled Whether to send anonymous usage metrics false
usageMetrics.datebase URL for Spartakus DB http://seldon-core-stats.seldon.io