Install Seldon-Core

To install seldon-core on a Kubernetes cluster you have several choices:

  • If you have a Google Cloud Platform account you can install via the GCP Marketplace.

For CLI installs:

We presently support Helm installs.

Install Seldon Core

You will need a kubernetes cluster with version >=1.11.0.

First install Helm. When helm is installed you can deploy the seldon controller to manage your Seldon Deployment graphs.

helm install seldon-core-operator --name seldon-core --repo --set usageMetrics.enabled=true --namespace seldon-system


  • You can use --namespace to install the seldon-core controller to a particular namespace but we recommend seldon-system.
  • For full configuration options see here

For particular ingresses we support you can inform the controller it should activate processing for them.

  • Ambassador
    • add --set ambassador.enabled=true : The controller will add annotations to services it creates so Ambassador can pick them up and wire an endpoint for your deployments.
  • Istio Gateway
    • add --set istio.enabled=true : The controller will create virtual services and destination rules to wire up endpoints in your istio ingress gateway.

Install an Ingress Gateway

We presently support two API Ingress Gateways

Install Ambassador

We suggest you install the official helm chart. At present we recommend 0.40.2 version due to issues with grpc in the latest.

helm install stable/ambassador --name ambassador --set crds.keep=false

Install Istio Ingress Gateway

If you are using istio then the controller will create virtual services for an istio gateway. By default it will assume the gateway seldon-gateway as the name of the gateway. To change the default gateway add --set istio.gateway=XYZ when installing the seldon-core-operator.

Other Options

Install with Kustomize

Upgrading from Previous Versions

See our upgrading notes