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Models and/or building blocks that can be useful outside of outlier, adversarial or drift detection can be found under alibi_detect.models. Main implementations:

  • PixelCNN++: alibi_detect.models.pixelcnn.PixelCNN

  • Variational Autoencoder: alibi_detect.models.autoencoder.VAE

  • Sequence-to-sequence model: alibi_detect.models.autoencoder.Seq2Seq

  • ResNet: alibi_detect.models.resnet

Pre-trained ResNet-20/32/44 models on CIFAR-10 can be found on our Google Cloud Bucket and can be fetched as follows:

from alibi_detect.utils.fetching import fetch_tf_model

model = fetch_tf_model('cifar10', 'resnet32')