Alibi Detect aims to be the go-to library for outlier, adversarial and drift detection in Python using both the TensorFlow and PyTorch backends.

This means that the algorithms in the library need to handle:

  • Online detection with often stateful detectors.

  • Offline detection, where the detector is trained on a batch of unsupervised or semi-supervised data. This assumption resembles a lot of real-world settings where labels are hard to come by.

The algorithms will cover the following data types:

  • Tabular, including both numerical and categorical data.

  • Images

  • Time series, both univariate and multivariate.

  • Text

  • Graphs

It will also be possible to combine different algorithms in ensemble detectors.

The library currently covers both online and offline outlier detection algorithms for tabular data, images and time series as well as offline adversarial detectors for tabular data and images. Current drift detection capabilities cover almost any data modality such as mixed type tabular data, text, images or graphs, both in the online and offline setting. Furthermore, Alibi Detect provides supervised drift and context-aware drift detectors.

The near term focus will be on extending save/load functionality for PyTorch detectors, and adding outlier detectors for text and mixed data types.