Source code for alibi.datasets.tensorflow

from typing import Tuple, Union

import tensorflow.keras as keras
import numpy as np

from import Bunch

[docs] def fetch_fashion_mnist(return_X_y: bool = False ) -> Union[Bunch, Tuple[np.ndarray, np.ndarray]]: """ Loads the Fashion MNIST dataset. Parameters ---------- return_X_y: If ``True``, an `N x M x P` array of data points and `N`-array of labels are returned instead of a dict. Returns ------- If ``return_X_y=False``, a Bunch object with fields 'data', 'targets' and 'target_names' is returned. Otherwise an array with data points and an array of labels is returned. """ target_names = { 0: 'T-shirt/top', 1: 'Trouser', 2: 'Pullover', 3: 'Dress', 4: 'Coat', 5: 'Sandal', 6: 'Shirt', 7: 'Sneaker', 8: 'Bag', 9: 'Ankle boot', } data, labels = keras.datasets.fashion_mnist.load_data()[0] if return_X_y: return data, labels return Bunch(data=data, target=labels, target_names=target_names)