alibi.exceptions module

This module defines the Alibi exception hierarchy and common exceptions used across the library.

exception alibi.exceptions.AlibiException(message)[source]

Bases: Exception, ABC

Abstract base class of all alibi exceptions.

class alibi.exceptions.AlibiPredictorCallException[source]

Bases: object

class alibi.exceptions.AlibiPredictorReturnTypeError[source]

Bases: object

exception alibi.exceptions.NotFittedError(object_name)[source]

Bases: AlibiException

This exception is raised whenever a compulsory call to a fit method has not been carried out.

exception alibi.exceptions.PredictorCallError(message)[source]

Bases: AlibiException, AlibiPredictorCallException

This exception is raised whenever a call to a user supplied predictor fails at runtime.

exception alibi.exceptions.PredictorReturnTypeError(message)[source]

Bases: AlibiException, AlibiPredictorReturnTypeError

This exception is raised whenever the return type of a user supplied predictor is of an unexpected or unsupported type.

exception alibi.exceptions.SerializationError(message)[source]

Bases: AlibiException

This exception is raised whenever an explainer cannot be serialized.