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Operator Development

The Operator which manages the SeldonDeployment CRD is contained within the /operator folder. It is created using kubebuilder

For local development we use kind, create a kind cluster

kind create cluster

Install cert-manager

make install-cert-manager

To build and load the current controller image into the Kind cluster:

make kind-image-install

To install the Operator run:

make deploy

If you wish to install the Operator and prepare the controller to be run outside the cluster, for example inside an IDE (we use GoLand) then run the following. This has only been tested on a local Kind cluster:

make deploy-local

When the everything is running delete the seldon-controller-manager deployment from the seldon-system namespace as we will run locally.

Next, download the webhook certificate (created by cert-manager) locally:

make tls-extract

You can now run the manager locally. You will need to set the webhook-port on startup e.g.,

go run ./main.go --webhook-port=9000

If running inside an IDE and you are using Kind then make sure you set the KUBECONFIG env as well.

Tools we use

Building Seldon Core