Annotation Based Configuration

You can configure aspects of Seldon Core via annotations in the SeldonDeployment resource and also the optional API OAuth Gateway. Please create an issue if you would like some configuration added.

SeldonDeployment Annotations

gRPC API Control

  • : Maximum gRPC message size (bytes)

  • : gRPC timeout (msecs)

REST API Control


When using REST APIs, timeouts will only apply to each node and not to the full inference graph. Therefore, each sub-request for each individual node in the graph will be able to take up to milliseconds.

  • : REST timeout (msecs)

    • Locations : SeldonDeployment.spec.annotations

    • Default is no overall timeout but will use GoLang’s default transport settings which include a 30 sec connection timeout.

    • REST timeout example

Service Orchestrator

  • : Use a separate pod for the service orchestrator

  • : Run main endpoint as headless kubernetes service. This is required for gRPC load balancing via Ambassador.


  • : Custom service name for predictor. You will be responsible that it doesn’t clash with any existing service name in the namespace of the deployed SeldonDeployment.